Class: Capstone
This was a 360 design group project. My group members were Emily Kelly, Jacqueline Hur, Jerry Hsiao and Isaiah Ewing. We were given a brief for the brand. Our brand was a technology based clothing and accessory line. We came up with the name as a team, playing on the tech term "byte." We all had a say in the logo however more specially my group member Emily Kelly and I combined our logo concepts together. I developed the lightening bolt symbol to use instead of the "i" in bite. I thought of lightening bolts because we often associate that symbol with charging a device. She integrated the symbol into the text logo she designed, which was the perfect pairing!
The logo and the lightening bolt symbol was applied to many other aspects in the project through the stationary, advertisements, lookbook, website, packaging and pop up shop. 
stationary + clothing tags + lookbook - Jacqueline Hur
advertisements + logo - Emily Kelly
packaging + product design - Jerry Hsiao
web design + animations - Isaiah Ewing
pop up shop + logo - Laura Kane (me)

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